• Grab and Go Wallet
  • Grab and Go Wallet
  • Grab and Go Wallet
  • Grab and Go Wallet
  • Grab and Go Wallet
  • Grab and Go Wallet
  • Grab and Go Wallet
  • Grab and Go Wallet
  • Grab and Go Wallet
  • Grab and Go Wallet

Grab and Go Wallet


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Maxwell Designs Grab and Go Wallet is made to be a chic and sophisticated addition to any purse or bag. Why be frumpy when you can be stylish?

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Always rooting through your diaper bag or purse to find all the necessities? Keep your diapering or reusable pad essentials together in this handy and chic wallet. Clip it to the side of your diaper bag or stroller or use as a handy purse with the comfortable swivel key fob wristlet and have it ready at a moment's notice, or use it on its own for shorter outings.
These beautiful grab and go wallets hold a postpartum pad and insert, 4 maxi pads and 6 maxi inserts or a travel size diaper wipes case or small refill wipes (approx 80) and 2 disposable diapers (or 1 cloth diaper) with room let over for a travel sized spray bottle or diaper cream . The wristlet strap provides hands-free convenience while the selection of prints provides effortless sophistication.

Match your wallet to your purse, diaper bag, change pad and even your cosmetic case. Why be frumpy when you can be stylish?

The Grab and Go wallet features:

*Long front zipper (the whole length of the grab and go wallet)

*2 mil PUL (wipeable surface) inside both diaper wallet pockets.

*Back zipper with a separate compartment

Fits small refill diaper wipes packs or cloth wipes. Hidden back zipper for using as a small wet dry bag. Long hook snap wristlet for attaching to a purse, diaper bag, stroller, car seat, wrist etc. Fabulous prints so you always look chic! Match your, change pad or cosmetic purse too. Room for your favourite small spray bottle or wipes solution and cream.

Use as a small purse or for mama cloth (reusable feminine products) when no longer using it for baby.

Measures 9.5″x 6.25″

Washing instructions: wipe clean interior, spot wash exterior.

Want to see the Fabric Swatches closer up? visit this link: http://maxwelldesigns.ca/products/fabric-swatches

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